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Hi 🙂


I wrote two poems with tonight’s words, as I couldn’t decide which idea to go with.

The first is about the solo parenting gig I have been exploring this week.  I am not sure I have EVER been this happy that it is Friday before…!!  Tomorrow we shall probably be spending a large part of the morning rolling toy vehicles down our now-vacant driveway into a barrier of waiting cones.  Both boys have been dreaming about this ever since they saw the reclaimed space at 8.15am or so on Wednesday 😉

The second poem is about a randomly made-up kid.  Again!

I hope you enjoy the fruits of my indecision:


Enthusiasm  Graze  Aviation  Index  Sniff  Abuse  Metal  Refer  Lost


With renewed enthusiasm,

I let the wind graze my knuckles

And pushed forth into the drizzle.


There was sweet aviation in my soul

For it was Friday

(And I had an index written

That helped me find my lists better

In my notebook…)


Although Youngest had begun to sniff,

And cough,

Earlier in the week;

There had been no abuse of my sleep routine

(Apart from that which I’d willingly inflicted

On myself)


Heavy metal was blaring

In my thankful ears,

I had a few more patterns bookmarked

To refer back to when I had the time,

And life on my lonesome was feeling ok.


[I’m pretty sure I’ve lost a few pounds

With all this walking

And kid-wrangling, too!]




His enthusiasm for showing me his graze

Was cute.

He feigned bravery, as he pulled back the dressing,

Told me he’d sustained this ‘scar’

Through executing aviation

From the neighbourhood’s trees.


His skinny legs

Were an index of misdemeanor,

One sniff of danger

And he was soon involved.

His daily abuse (he said)

Of his body made him half metal now

And I could refer to him

As Tin Can Man (he looked so proud)


He always makes me smile:

I wish we all remained this bold,

Our spirits never lost.





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3 Responses to “Enthusiasm”

  1. Jane Wright Says:

    Like them both. You are getting very clever at this.

  2. Montaffera Says:

    Thanks! I need to go to bed, I can barely see the screen 😂 X

  3. Montaffera Says:

    Case in point, I have just had to reinstate the first verse of the first poem, as it was missing…?!!

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