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I have finally made it back to the site! 

It has been a complicated day, where I have been trying to sort little fires instead of being able to settle to work on my poem and post.  I see from the news (and some poor friends’ Facebook posts) that others have been tangoing with storm  Doris, however, so at least hubby worked from home and saved us that hassle!

(Though, apparently, our eldest spent his day in the music room and small gym hall because his classroom had a leak)

From Jimpix

The fancy font/colour combo on the generator means it was another Jimpix day (ominous string music, please) and I ended up researching for about eight minutes before putting the timer on, and that meant my poem time ran through the start of dinner, and my food got a bit cold.  *Sigh*

The hardships of a creative life 😛

I notice that I didn’t write in the space on my notebook page what a ‘Crake’ was, but I did look it up.  I had no idea what ‘endemism’ was until today, either.  This poetry lark is good for my education 😉

I wrote most of the first two verses, my subconscious only kicked in for the last line of the second, and took over for the third.  I think it shows…!




Fairy  Staffnet  Endemism  Capitalist  Worldly  Roman  Bird  Announce  Crake

When he’d trapped the real-life Fairy,

And conversed through the night with her,

He sent reams through the Staffnet:

About her take on endemism

Of this most interesting of species.


He confirmed they had capitalist trade,

And were much more worldly than first thought;

Around since before Roman times,

Understandings with a certain bird family –

Then he fell silent, and no more did announce.


When they finally went to check,

They found strange glitter on his face;

As he lay motionless

By a still-smouldering screen –

Crake feathers scattered far and wide.


Red rushedness

I used ‘through’ in two consecutive lines in the first verse (boooo) so that needs tweaked.

It amuses me that in the third verse ‘they finally went to check’. It reads as if the man who trapped the Fairy was always rambling about fictional things over the intranet…why would ‘they’ not have scooted down to his office to examine his catch before?!

In the last verse, I saw a professor lying on the floor – tweed jacket with leather-patched elbows and all.  What did you see? 

I wonder why he didn’t show anyone the Fairy on the way into his office?  Did he trap her in there?

So many unanswered questions…



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