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Accomplice  Between  Wonder  Cobra  Twelve  Freak  Getaway  Embrace  Modern


His accomplice beckoned

To a gap between the hedges

And he watched in wonder

As her Cobra tattoo

Flashed in his torchlight;

Her nimble body

Scaling the fence beyond



Twelve months of planning

And yet he was starting to freak

Maybe he should make

His getaway now?


Was her embrace afterwards

Really worth the risk?

Should he follow this modern woman

Into prison?


I wondered about the last line, but of course there is at least one mixed prison in the UK 😉

I have no clue what they are going to steal, but I get the feeling that there are important documents in the building.  To have planned this for a year would imply that it is a kind of spy job, but the guy doesn’t really sound professional, and the woman seems pretty scantily dressed – showing too much flesh to be staying unnoticed? I’m kind of confused.

My other thought is that maybe they are animal rights activists, which would mean that they are probably at university, and he has maybe gone along with her idea because they’ve been together since first year and he is infatuated with her.  I imagine all the talk of setting animals free was kind of sexy over a few too many in the Student Union, but now seems very foolhardy?  Maybe he was drawn to her passion for animals (she has been vegetarian since high school and knows every bad ingredient that can be detected in a shampoo, etc) but didn’t give a toss about this stuff before that?!

What do you think?


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    Great blog my friend 🙂

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    Awww thanks for stopping by, Stewart! 😀

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