Elegiac Optimism (#NaPoWriMo Day 24)

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Today I was tasked with writing a poem in memory of someone dead, that had a hopeful element to it.

You can judge for yourself if I succeeded!


I lowered you down…

But I don’t really feel

That I did.

It seems dreamlike

Because I haven’t visited

‘You’ since.


That stone

Marking your new home…

I saw a picture of it

And dissolved:

Outright refused

To continue with my day.


golden wings

(That was the Monday

Before menses returned,

After giving you

A third great-grandchild)


There is something soothing

About sobbing in a shower.


I’ve avoided Grandad’s house

In case my bubble gets burst.

Much easier to talk of you,

And share you with my kids,

Than walk your rooms

Without you.


My dreams still waft Crabtree and Evelyn,

Your cardis still hold hankies well;


You’re there in the crook of my finger,

Your smiles within my wrinkles dwell.



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  1. Jane Wright Says:

    Again, a lovely poem because it has so much feeling

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