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From Jimpix

Every fourth day I ask for nine words, and then screw up my eyes in anticipation of impossible results coming back… 

Today’s lovely Jimpix Generator challenges were ‘Kiachnish’, ‘Hodgkin’ and ‘effluvium’.  But a river, name/type of cancer and a foul smell couldn’t cause me problems, could they?!

I could not really get my brain to settle to the task, however, and Youngest has also managed to pick up a cough from nursery that kept breaking through my night-time concentration; so I actually did find it pretty difficult.  I think I was more in the mood for reading than writing.  But when do I have time for both?! 😉





Problems  Output  Kiachnish  Hodgkin  Effluvium  Chester  Knuckle Tomato  Cavity


I have a million problems,

But creative output isn’t one…


I walked down by the Kiachnish,

Watched some crazed fools ride the rapids,

I fought that eager part of myself

That’d like to jump and flail.


Hodgkin seemed quite taken, too

With my unspoken invitation;

Like my brain chemistry’s effluvium

Could infect canine acts.


A whine from timid Chester

Brought us back from morbid musings,

Made us knuckle down to wandering

The lonely bank, once more.


Later: stumbling tomato-faced,

Puffing from crazed exertion –

Sometimes exercise does much

To plug a soul’s cavity…


Red scribbles

So I opted to use two of the words as dogs’ names, and substituted a tomato for a beetroot.  Did you find that acceptable?!

I am not sure whether one can actually walk along the banks of the Kiachnish, but looking at the pictures that I could click onto from the link above, it looked likely.  I think the river is about 6 miles long, so it was also a fair bet that the speaker could tire himself out on a walk by it!

I saw a tall, broad man with a beard, staring into the fast water with a kind of longing; imagining just giving in to the current.  Making a show of thrashing his arms around, but knowing that he would give in pretty quickly.  He was worried that his dogs might try to save him, however, and he didn’t want to be responsible for their deaths, too.

The man was thinking about wearing his extra heavy boots, and whether leaving the dogs with lots of food and water would be ok – while he slipped out really early before anyone else was about and just got it overwith.  His neighbours were nosy, they’d soon alert someone to the fact that he hadn’t been in or out for a while.  Hodgkin was always raiding the food cupboards anyway, and he’d share with Chester.

I know that the man had a plan, and that he was cursing himself for being too cowardly to go through with it.  I have not seen what the problems are yet, however.  I think there is a story I want to explore, here…

I also think my use of ‘crazed’ twice in the poem is annoying. Plus, it kinda reads like the dog’s face was red, too – no?!  Ahhh the joys of the 15 minute poem 😉


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  1. Jane Wright Says:

    I enjoy never knowing what direction these poems are going to take.

  2. Montaffera Says:

    Thanks, me too x

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