Drunken Prosody

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Hello 🙂

I’ve decided that this will be my last different type of poetry I will try for a while; the kids have been back at school since the 8th and I meant to start back on the story path, decide what other directions I might want to pursue with the blog as well, maybe work on my novel…!  This has been lots of fun, however 😉

I plumped for a Terza Rima poem to close this little series.  It is written in three line stanzas and has an interesting rhyme scheme where the second line of the first stanza rhymes with the first and third of the next, and so on until one wishes to end it; where a single line (or couplet) that rhymes with the middle line of the preceding stanza must be used.  Again, the links probably explain it better, plus I wrote a poem demonstrating the style below 😀

(Oh, Wikipedia said Iambic Pentameter is the generally accepted beat for the lines.  I did ten syllables per line, but they are not exact in their iambicity (?), to my ear…)




A drunkenness is pulling at my brain

I feel it (don’t you feel it?) as it goes,

Derailing of lucid little thought train.


Affecting first my tongue and then my toes,Drunk Pink Pather on a bench

It shames me to admit I have no hold;

That potent stuff fair has me in its throes…



My Mother (oh dear…MOTHER!!) had me told

This party was a mistake from the start,

So many broken promises unfold –


When I get home, she’ll tear me all apart!

(I’m just too old to be grounded, but still:

Her glowers could stop all but bravest hearts)


Hopeful that she’ll believe I am just ill,

I down a few coffees, take headache pills…


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