Dream Scenes – #NaPoWriMo20 – Day 4

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Hi 😊


I hope your Saturday has had space for a fulfilling activity for you. We ventured around the block today in pairs, which was our first time past the end of our garden for us since the 23rd of March. Our neighbours’ cars were all shiny in the street, the birds were chatting up a storm, and the air smelt very good!


With all this surreal restriction having descended upon many towns and cities across Europe (and beyond) at the moment, I suppose it isn’t a huge leap to start to think about the concepts of control, reality and what it means for us as individuals (especially, as I have already mentioned, when you are holed up with two little Whovians, and watching episodes from Season 6 with Matt Smith as the Doctor, trying to get your head around the timeline of River Song, etc…).

Step in the prompt for Day 4 of NaPoWriMo, which asked me to write a poem around dream imagery! I have had some really vivid dreams, and I always dream in colour. So I got my rhyming head on and went for it:


Dream Scenes


I am in a storeful of tools

With the staircase from school

And the weapons of war

Littered on the floor.


And the people I see

Have all been lost to me,

But I’m not meant to know

So I keep quiet. Grow –

Like a tree – from a root

With a venomous shoot

That is creeping around,

But not making a sound.


And the only true way

To save anyone’s day

Is to just play along

But make it go ‘wrong’.

[If I let on I see

That this is all a dream

Then everyone will

Perish by my tendrils…]


So I think, and I change,

Manipulate strange,

Til the Carebears have time

To shift this paradigm.

They dismantle the wall,

Rainbow-forcefield us all,

And my fingers return!

So: I pay for 6 ferns,


Depart in a rocket,

(A star key in my pocket)

Sing a beautiful aria,

Breaking all psychic barriers;

Anger an evil lord

With burning mystic swords


But wake up as they fall…


In my bed I’m then sprawled.


Something about the subject matter and rhyming scheme takes me back to my poetic 11 year old self 😉

What weird dreams do you have? Have you ever written them down? I always feel I should keep a dream journal and finally write a best-seller or two from it. That proved extremely successful for Stephenie Meyer, after all…


Monty X



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2 Responses to “Dream Scenes – #NaPoWriMo20 – Day 4”

  1. Jennifer Patino Says:

    I definitely get the Whovian vibe in your poem. 🙂
    (The Matt Smith seasons are my favorite in the newer ones.)
    I’m loving what you’re putting out so far for NaPo.

    I keep a dream journal when I can keep hold of enough details of a dream. Sometimes I just write down the random things I do remember, & most of the time I find those lines showing up in poems that I write.

    Stay safe & healthy! <3

  2. Montaffera Says:

    Aww thank you lovely lady <3 I love the dreamlike nature of many of your poems, it is probably why they are so brilliantly hypnotic. After Eldest's birthday tomorrow I am going to dive into your poems, I'm soooo looking forward to it 🙂 thanks for sending me them, I am sorry I've not given them my full attention yet.

    We are all getting much better thanks. You and J keep safe and well, too! xxx

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