Dream Desiccants

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Hiya 🙂

Unfortunately there is a misspelt word in the Jimpix offering today.  As I am atrocious at spelling myself, however, I’ll forgive the oversight 😉

I got to revisit my Latin a little for today’s poem, but I have probably used the wrong ending for ‘incertus’ (so you have permission to roll your eyes, any Latin scholars in my readership!)








Medicare   Boundary  Dreams  Desiccants   Timer  Cavus  Quare  Fragment  Gratified


They whispered about Medicare

And cast sorry expressions

Down to mine.


I could not feel the boundary,

Just their thought-silica:

Everybody near

Tugging at my fluid dreams.

Stripping me.


Desiccants, all!


Somewhere, off to the side,

A timer ticked down silently;

Demons creeping from underneath my Pes Cavus

(Quare incertus)


Barely a fragment

Of my former self left –

And yet

They expect me to be gratified

By their very attempt at action.


I am not of this place,

But weighed by it;

Unbalanced on the edges

Of bright, sharp swords.



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