Dragon Lady – #inktober2019 – Day 13

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A dragon also seemed fitting for today’s Inktober prompt of “ash”, so I sketched out a wee scene, then inked it:

I think this looks like a pregnant dragon this time, and I think we definitely need to mind our manners with her!  😉

The boys came and hung out with me while I was adding colour to the scene with my paints.  They were impressed with the lava.  Our two always seem to work lava into their games, so I thought I would, too.

There was some deliberation about which colour to paint this dragon, Youngest advocating for another blue one, but with the sky so close I helped him see the ‘need’ for a purple dragon.

With my tired eyes, the dragon painting went a bit wonky in places, but I stuck with it and just coloured the spikes in with a matchy pencil.  If I was being really fussy, I’d go around everything again with a fineliner because it all blends together a little too much (and maybe I still will…) but for now, here we are.

You can see the ash on the grass in front of the dragon, can’t you?!  Baby’s given her bad heartburn today… 😉

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