Diving In – #inktober2019 – Day 31

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Today was the FINAL day of Inktober!  I can’t believe how fast it has gone by!

The prompt was “ripe”, and I didn’t feel like drawing a piece of fruit, so I put my Monk-watching side of my brain to good use and drew this instead:

I didn’t have the bottles in the dumpster to begin with, I was just going to draw the gentleman as if he was dead, but Eldest came in as I was working out which pose etc I would draw him in, and he seemed tickled by the fact “the teenager” was nearly naked, but looked very sad when I suggested “the teenager” was dead as an explanation for him being where he was!  (To be honest, with Eldest saying it was only a boy in his teens, I was disturbed by the idea, too!!)  Eldest looked right at me with his big blue eyes and said “why can’t he just be drunk?!” so I hastily complied and Eldest went back to giggling about the underwear…

It was then that I drew in all the other random items of clothing. I only have a pic of the scene before and after I drew the trousers behind the guy, so you’ll just have to take my word for the rest 😉

I used the medium PITT fineliner on the dumpster, and outlined the rest in the XS pen (thickening up the lines a bit where needed).  I used watercolour on the bags of rubbish and most of the rest of the interior elements, but went with gel pens for the jacket (with shirt inside it) and the boxers are shiny when they catch the light!

I outlined the ‘stink trails’ coming off the dumpster in green gel pen, and then for the finishing touches I rummaged through the boys’ playroom felt tips and scribbled some brown down the front of the receptacle, as well as a bit of beigey pen down the side, to suggest mucky overspill. Ta-da!!

As it is also Halloween today, our boys went out guising with Hubby.  There was no creative input needed from me here, the boys had asked for bought costumes because they love keeping them to mix n match and create characters around for the next few years 😉

Eldest did insist on his hair being covered by a woolly hat before he put his mask on, however, as he mused that scary skeletons would not be blonde…

So that’s my first Inktober done and dusted!  I really didn’t think that I would ever participate in one, but it has been a pleasure to use the Faber-Castell PITT pens all month, and I definitely feel I have much more confidence in my ability to convey what is in my head by using a mish mash of reference images and/or situations I have encountered in real life or through my reading and popular culture (because I don’t have any cyclops neighbours that I know of).

I knew that I was beginning to properly understand the basic concepts of crochet when I started being able to design my own flourishes to patterns, and I now can see progress in how I think about line work, composition, perspective and shading in my drawing.

I will definitely continue to keep up my daily drawing and painting and try to build on this new confidence.  I will start posting less now that Inktober is at an end, but I think maybe twice a week might suit me, I am going to look at how that will fit in for me and go from there in terms of whether I decide to blog my works in progress on set days or make it a much more fluid content schedule.

I do have a lot of crochet to catch up on and some arty projects I want to get much further into that have been shelved due to Inktober work, so I should have some interesting things to share with you over the next wee while…

As ever, take care of yourselves, and feel free to fill my comments section with links to your art and crafty obsessions.  I would LOVE to see them!

Ciao for now!

Monty X



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