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In honour of the date, I have used today’s words to write a poem about the lead up to me meeting my lovely husband!

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Dividend   Block   Summer   Enter   Mile   Scan   Disgrace   Stick   Interrupt

The internet has paid me a huge dividend:

In a block of flats in Edinburgh town

Lived a man I’d never met;

But my computer knew he was my Summer sun.

The strange and magical wirings

In that machine took my Enter

As a stage direction for his appearance.

It counted every mile, did a scan of my wants,

(Discarded a few lame ones in disgrace);

Decided to stick a decoy at the top of my ‘Match List’

Just to throw me off the scent.

(If too perfect, I so like to interrupt…)

And sat back, worried,

Twiddling its sand timer in hope;

Praying I’d finally get

That cosmic nudge it fought so hard to give…


I had set up my dating site profile in the Summer of 2004, as a wee drunken joke with my friends.  I didn’t start looking at it much until early Spring 2005 (there was some deal on the site, like the first fortnight free) and even then I wasn’t really that serious…although my last two ‘suitors’ had gone to live in Australia, and I was dreaming about dating a guy who actually stuck around!!

I carefully filled out exactly what I was looking for (any colour hair, any colour eyes, taller than me, older than me, no kids, non smoker, lived within a 40 mile radius…) and started taking an interest in what the computer came up with.  One day in mid-March I checked my list, and a guy from Glasgow was at the top of it.  I wrote him off straight away because I don’t know my way around Glasgow (!) The second guy on my list lived in Edinburgh (tick) and his profile said he possessed a Blue Peter badge, and if I wanted to know how he earned it, I was to message him!  This intrigued me…

I wrote down that guy’s details, and kept reading down the list.  This is when I realised all the men had dark hair and eyes, and were the same height as me.  Hang on I thought why’s that…?

I went back and looked at the requirements I had put in, and sure enough they were reset to ‘brown/hazel eyes’, dark hair  and my height, whereas the rest were the same as I had left them. I quickly sorted that out, then went on and messaged the guy with the badge (as one does).

You know, he never came up on the corrected Match List?!

That’s ok though because, dear reader, I married him 😉

Our first kiss after he proposed on Broughty Ferry Beach – 25th March 2007

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  1. Jane Wright Says:

    I just love that poem ‘Dividend’ and even more the story of how you both met

  2. Montaffera Says:

    Thanks Jane, there was definitely magic about 😉 x

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