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Yet more powerful images in the news today, such raw emotion.  I can only imagine how angry the surviving former residents of Grenfell Tower are beginning to feel. 

It was all too surreal to comprehend at first,  I would think, looking up at the shell of their homes and knowing that this tragedy was forewarned, but its remedy forestalled. 

The class questions this raises are not going to just disappear, and nor should they.







Word  Decisive  Circulate  Offset  Acquit  Roll  Disaster  Aloof  Hilarious


They don’t believe a word she says

About being decisive

And working tirelessly

For the common good.


As rumours circulate,

And the promised

Is offset by reality;

It is hard to acquit guilt.


When hours roll by

And a leader does not share

Solidarity in the face of disaster –


Appears aloof,

Stirring anger in her wake –


They must be forgiven

For taking to placards and soundbites;


Finding platitudes

Ruefully hilarious.



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