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Hi there!

The beady eyed among you will see that there does not appear to be a post for yesterday, but fear not for there is a poem and pics and a wee ramble, but I have just got a day behind and I knew this would be a quicker post to edit!!

As my pelvis has been sore, and my parents in law were here over the bank holiday weekend, I have been trying to ease up on the blogging workload a bit.  Been writing the poetry but not fitting in the type-up.  I will soon get back into gear, this ouchiness can’t last for ever *nervous chuckle*

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Eldest was taken to a party by hubby today, and Youngest was happy to watch the tablet and then cuddle me, so I had an afternoon nap and everything!  It is a shame that my pelvis problems have coincided with lots of gorgeous weather, but I do feel the kids and I have had quite a lot of fresh air this week 😉

The generator only threw up one word that I was unsure of: ‘chromatic’.  I don’t know if how I used it works, but I know what I was trying to say…


Revenge  Exact  Dignitary  Analysis  Concussion  Mouth  Parasite  Chromatic  Pig


The revenge he would exact

Upon the unsuspecting dignitary

Confounded all analysis…


Suffering only a mild concussion

And a bleeding mouth

From the ensuing confusion;

The assailant somehow detached from the throng

And slipped away –

A fatal parasite.


No cameras showed his escape.

The tapes played their

Awkwardly-chromatic loops

On every news channel, for days.

We all were repeatedly sickened

On hearing the dignitary squeal

Like some afflicted pig.


Blood red scribbles…

There was not much finesse put into today’s poem, it must be said, but it’s better than no writing at all being done, after all *repeats as mantra to self*

I have been enjoying hopping on others’ blogs as they follow me on Twitter, and seeing the diversity of writing talent out there.  It is lovely that people take the time to come and see what I am up to, too.

I am compiling a list of the writers whose work I want to spend more time with.  There does seem to be a set of lovely ‘regulars’ around the writing prompts, and I am having fun myself with a few of the words that pop up.

It can be very tempting to tap around Twitter and use up all my spare time when I am feeling particularly lonely and at odds with my writing.  (Maybe that’s why I topped 100 followers yesterday!  Thanks if you’re one of them!)  It’s lovely chatting to other wordy people, partaking in banter, reading writing advice, checking out new books, watching gifs and videos…

If you would like to keep up with all my shenanigans, come and visit me!  A link to my Twitter handle and Facebook page are below 🙂


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