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How do?

Carrying on the food theme from yesterday, I wrote about a lady who appears a little obsessed with the subject…









Overeat  Abolish  Particular  Notebook  Lake  Observation  Prefer  Rain  Instal


She hated to overeat –

Thought we should abolish

All particular references

To ‘seconds’.


She kept a notebook,

Filled it with calorific details

‘Til her eyes swam

In a lake of regret.


Her diet observation

Hurt me to watch;

I’d prefer to rain

On the parade of perfection:


Instal a little ice cream in the regimen.


Have you ever been on a strict diet?  How long did you last?

As I have probably mentioned before (!) I lost three stone between July 2015 and March 2016 through using the My Fitness Pal app…but I definitely ate chocolate every day!  I was just sensible, made better choices than I had before, and gave myself a manageable goal (1,800 calories a day before exercise, to begin with.  I also aimed to lose 28lbs by Christmas).

I took up the Lifepoints Diet around the time I gave up smoking (at 28), and kept track of my daily progress using paper and pencil –  that was excruciating!  I stuck to it, but it made me (even more) neurotic, and I did not have much fun following it!

Give me an app that reads barcodes and remembers what your go-to foods are, any day!

I have been feeling the cold a lot more these last two winters. Sometimes being thin is not all it’s cracked up to be, you know 😉














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