Destination: Wakefield

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Hello lovely people,

From Jimpix

I was rather dismayed at today’s words.  I left the timer to one side while I tapped about a bit and educated myself.  I have never been to ‘Wakefield’ and wasn’t too sure what ‘lugubrious’ meant.

Turns out the latter described my mood! 

Ah Jimpix, you never fail to make me think, I’ll give you that…





Scripts   Scooter   Shian  Wakefield   Lugubrious  Rain  Remind  Regina  Factory

We clutched our scripts,

Running full pelt

Dodging dogs and prams,

The odd mobility scooter –

Faster, faster down until –

The train had not escaped us,

And we flopped into our seats.


Shian had the giggles:

Leaning forward in her seat

Shaking.  Which set me off.

We were so excited

As we pulled into Wakefield;

Unaffected by

The lugubrious rain.


Shian thought to remind me

Of my coat, sat sulking

In the corner of my seat

(Used to being a proud Regina

Of my wardrobe court)

I shook it out,

And swept it ‘round once more.


Our nerves did not kick in

Until past the glass factory.


Notebook, in green

It appears that there are two train stations in Wakefield, and a few glass factories, so I am hoping there is a plausibility to a person having to pass a glass factory on the way to some venue, where that person would need to be in possession of a script!

I found this company who welcome new members and perform in Wakefield and surrounding areas, so maybe the scenario in the poem holds up?!  It took me just over 12 minutes to write the poem, so I am glad I didn’t try to squeeze around 10 minutes of research in there, too!

Do these generators not know how wide my perfectionist/worrier streak is?!

Anyone from or know Wakefield, and want to set me straight in a comment?






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