Departure Glance Pt. 5

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Hiya 🙂


Day 5 of writing this week’s random story!

(Here are days one, two, three and four)

Shall we see what Random Word Generator gave me to progress the adventure with, then?

Today's words



Constant  Choke  Pattern  Contract  Medicine  Promotion  Crack  Venture  Epicalyx

My feet, unfortunately, kept up a constant throb as I tried to get comfortable on the sandy earth beneath my makeshift shelter.  I had started to feel a little breathless too, as if my woodsmoke was occasionally trying to choke me.  I put it down to the soaking I had received the night before, and gathered my cloak around me a little tighter while my eyes lazily watched the pattern of the firelight splay across the small beach.

I fell asleep a few times, but frequently startled myself awake, feeling as though I had just heard something move towards me over the sound of the rushing water and usual animal noises.  My pupils always took that split second to contract in the burgeoning light, and that was when I was convinced I witnessed something large retreating into the shadows – but it was gone as quickly as the thought appeared in my head.

I began to wonder if I should return to the village in search of medicine, my adventure-seeking and self promotion of just a few hours ago seeming absurd in that grey dawn of unease. 

Eventually, there came an almighty noise that I couldn’t explain away, and simultaneously three trees seemed to crack like mere twigs and plummet into the sand.  As my brain took this in, an elongated, scaly snout appeared from where the trees had once stood (at the height of a large horse) followed by two semi-webbed, scaly feet and the start of what looked like a long body.

The creature seemed to be about to venture towards the water’s edge, but I gasped a little too loudly and it turned its attention to me.

As it locked eyes with me (and I realised I hadn’t turned to stone) I had sudden visions of the flowers I had mutilated as a young boy, as well as all the strange names for the different parts of ‘flora’ that my mother had then painstakingly gone over from a complicated book of my father’s (to try and foster within me a little respect for nature).  Would my shirt collar be left circling the meaty hole where my neck once was: a sad epicalyx to my missing head, as this beast callously cast it into the falls…?

Somewhat understandably, I made up my mind not to wait to find out.


I am undecided whether to leave the story on this cliffhanger, or to forge ahead with the ideas that are swirling to answer the loose ends…one thing is for certain, however: I’m not writing anything over this weekend. Hubby and I are getting out with our friends on Saturday night and will be having a lazy day on Sunday 😉 so we’ll see what my preoccupations and workload are like on Monday.

So…this may or may not be the end of ‘Departure Glance’.  I hope you’ve enjoyed it, anyway!

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  1. Jennifer Patino Says:

    I feel this creature may be misunderstood. 😊 Great story as is, but of course, I’d read more. 😊

  2. Montaffera Says:

    Thanks 😉 x

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