Departure Glance Pt. 4

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So is this the penultimate section of this week’s story, or will it reach into the weekend?!  Let’s crack on and see…

(Here are parts one, two and three if you missed them)


Pyramid   Ministry   Paradox   Shift   Role   Easy   Secretion   Revival    Agony

That first night, it rained.

I had become frustrated with the task of properly constructing a tent for myself, having walked a fair distance and conserved as much food as possible, so I had slung the animal skin across some low hanging branches of a tree in a rough pyramid shape and curled up on the earthen ‘floor’.  I awoke in a puddle, a steady drip just behind me, where the wind had obviously caused the roof to slide. 

I moved closer to the trunk of the tree, first rescuing my belongings and firewood from the deluge as best I could.  I felt in need of ministry by morning: every joint seemed to protest at the slightest movement.

However, a young man can easily create a paradox within his mind at will, creating a seismic shift in his thinking when he wants to assume the hero role once more.  After something to eat, and in the warming sun that follows a storm, it is easy to laugh at a bad night and tell yourself that it built character.  Grandfather’s stories told of many such nights and the hero always survived.  There was nothing foolish in the path I had chosen for myself. 

There was tree sap (or some other less savoury secretion that I didn’t dwell on) staining my clothes.  I am now wearing proof of my struggles, becoming a man in the wild, an expert in overcoming obstacles.  I felt wonderful!

My spirits’ revival buoyed me through the whole of the second day, but my feet were in agony by the time I reached the falls, nonetheless.  My pride still made me take the time to fashion a shelter much more fitting for a male brought up in my village. 

Predictably, my second night brought no rain.  But it did furnish me with a different kind of adventure…


Oooo, let’s see what ‘adventure’ I can conjure up from tomorrow’s words, eh?!

*crosses fingers for lots of adjectives…*


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  1. Jane Wright Says:

    I am looking forward to finding out how this one turns out.

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