Departure Glance Pt. 3

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(Here are parts one and two if you missed them)


Outlook   Pocket   Suggest   Spot   Rate   Extension   Ball   Deposit   Visible

The positive outlook only wobbled a little while standing on the hill above the village; cheese and bread in my backpack, sharp pieces of flint in my pocket – first sunlight glinting off the little stream that wound past my sleeping mother and her fears of abandonment…

Everything seemed to suggest ‘routine’ down there.  Each tidy dwelling had its spot for drying clothes, and a designated area to cook and socialise.  There was always someone ready to rate how productive you were on any given day, so everyone kept busy and contributed as best they could. Each home was an extension of the next; a village journeying homogenously through whatever lay ahead. 

I could just make out the figures of some of our neighbours, checking fences and feeding animals.  The ball of my right foot started to ache, and I was surprised to become aware that I was straining to see so much when I had, just an hour or so before, been so ready to escape that life.

I resisted the urge to deposit my heavy pack on the grass and watch my mother discover I’d left.  I was not entirely convinced that I wasn’t visible from the ground and, anyway, that was sure to crack my resolve. 

I averted my gaze from the village, and kept walking.


Come back tomorrow and see whether our protagonist keeps heading into the great unknown…


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