Departure Glance Pt. 2

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This is what Random Word Generator gave me today:

words for today

We are on to the second instalment of this week’s story; here is part one if you need it!

Flavor   Future   Foundation   Module   Breakdown   Stake   Extreme   Hilarious   Struggle

I never really sought out adventure, but I got such a romanticised flavour of expedition and ‘the unknown’ one summer by helping Grandfather with the horses (for he had hurt his foot and was ordered to rest it as best he could for about a month) that I suddenly felt that my future lay beyond the village; and with Grandfather’s teachings as a foundation I could make my way in any terrain.

I started talking to the men who had explored beyond the next few villages, and got them to outline each module of kit they had taken with them – then I asked them to give me a breakdown of exactly what had been the most useful in tackling any difficulty they had come up against.

I kept my plans from Mother.  Father had gone missing a few years back, so I knew she’d naturally assume my life was at stake. “But, knowing me, I’d not do anything extreme; just reappear in under a week and regale everyone with pitifully hilarious accounts of my struggle to even keep a campfire lit” said my less confident side.

It is best to try to get these things over with, however, once they enter your head.  I of course would hate to sit and wonder “what if…” instead.


See you tomorrow for part three…

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