Departure Glance Pt. 1

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Good Evening!

Gemma gave me a picture prompt on my Facebook sticky post today, and asked me to use Random Word Generator to conjure up all my words for this week.  Thanks Gemma!! 😀

Prompt pic of Icelandic waterfall

(This particular waterfall is in Iceland, you can read about it here.)

As usual, I asked for five words initially to get my title; then changed the options so that I could have nine words to inspire my first instalment.

Title word mix

I chose ‘Departure Glance’ as my title because it seemed to have more possibilities than any other combination 😉

Then I got stuck in with today’s ‘big nine’:

Today's nine words


Reptile   Turn   Relative   Judicial   Wander   Shower   Mixture   Dismissal

My Grandfather used to gather us all and tell us legends of the ‘reptile of the falls’. It had various abilities: could turn you to stone, or hypnotise you so you went back and murdered every relative you had; that sort of thing.  There seemed to be no judicial wiggle room for the creature – wherever he decided to wander in our lands, he was deemed to be up to no good.

As he continued to shower every impressionable young mind in the village with these exciting myths, Grandfather looked on inscrutably while we responded with a mixture of dismissal and a healthy respect for the waters’ edge.

There was a pilgrimage of sorts, taken by older teenagers with rebellion on their minds, once every year or so.  Mostly they came back disappointed and poured scorn on Grandfather’s stories.  But occasionally there was a tragedy that left us all a little unsettled, and looking over our shoulders more often when alone.


Join me tomorrow for Part Two!


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