Departure Glance (possible continuation 1)

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My weekend was fab, and yet ‘Departure Glance’ is still on my mind…

I did not generate any more words for today’s piece, but played with one storyline that presented itself to me 😉

My thoughts about this were that our protagonist was semi-conscious in the forest, but unable to move or properly open his eyes, and this conversation was taking place above his prone body:


“Is he hurt?”

“Not seriously.”

“How much did they pour in the fire?”

“Not enough, it would seem.”

“He’s strong, he always was.  Did I ever tell you he almost died after birth?  That infection should have damaged him but -”


“I wish he could ju-”

“It’s not an option.  We have discussed this many times”

“I know.”

“We must follow the plan, no matter who you claim he is.  He is handsome, however.  He shares your strong brow.”

“You have unwed daughters, my lady…”

“Do you presume…?!”

“He could be taught and trained.  You could make him worthy.  I hear there are great places of learning beyond these shores.  Take him to the elders, they might see some promise too.”

“These sound like orders, Paraton.”

“Heartfelt suggestions, only.”

“A leader does not rule by heart alone.”


Do you think this adds to the story in any way?  What did you glean from the above?


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