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Hey you 🙂

It was a bonny, sunny day today.  The sky was a deep blue, and it got quite warm in the afternoon (which I wasn’t expecting, so still wore leggings under my jeans!) People I passed kept exclaiming about the lovely weather, but I was just focussed on getting the kids where they needed to go, before the hallowed collapse into a chair at home (hopefully stuffing myself full of food).

I am such a joy to behold at the moment 😉

When I was pregnant, as I have mentioned before, I had a wonky pelvis.  Both times.  It hurt to walk, to turn over in bed, to lift even small things, to do housework…

Every few months for the past year or so, it’s like my body wants to relive this wonderful experience.  It usually only lasts for about 48 hours.  Just when it gets to the point of really upsetting my day-to-day: it disappears.

Today was the fourth full day of it, however.  So walking 9 miles, grimacing, was rather maddening!

Eldest hoofed it to school for the first time in a month, and Youngest was in the big buggy.  Neither boy would listen to me, and made me herd them a good few times before they settled to donning their outdoor clothes and actually leaving the house.  So we were late, and I had to make the decision to just power down that road and not think about the clicking and grinding going on with every step.  It worked well until I slowed down to sort out the boys’ bags under the pram, get Youngest into his nursery shoes, etc.  Bending down to cuddle his wee squishy self was ouchy 🙁

I managed to hobble to Eldest’s line and fuss over him, however, and crunched myself back into place a few times before standing blethering to a mum pal for a good 45 mins (!) so the next 4.5 miles were not too bad.

I did have to call ahead and get another mum pal to keep an eye on Eldest while I tried to get there with Youngest, however.  Youngest had refused to get dressed into casual clothes before going for his afternoon nap, so I had to wrestle trousers, socks, a hoody and his rainsuit (jacket was refused) over the vest-and-pullup ensemble he had chosen to sleep in.  This was all made worse by him waking up in the middle of it, declaring that I was trying to kill him and “make him small again” as he was dreaming about the S Boy game he has been playing on the tablet over the past few months.  (Naturally)

Surely that means I was dressing him like a boss, then?!

Eldest asked that I take a photo of the ‘stripey grass’ as he liked looking at it 😉

By the time I got down to the school, I was sore and crabby and not in the mood for realising Eldest was cranky too.  I threw food at Eldest and tried to stop Youngest (who had been awake and moaning since he was plonked in the buggy) from draping parts of himself unevenly and making the pushchair harder to manoeuvre.

Eldest grumped at me for a good half mile, I responded by nagging at him to stop using his sleeve as a hanky/say please/eat with his mouth closed etc.  Eventually we both stopped and stared at each other from under our brows.  Then came a softening, and a massive cuddle in the street.  Both boys stroked my hands as we snails’-paced home in a better mood.

Turns out Eldest was running around outside on an impromptu gym lesson, as well as having had to walk into school today.  No wonder he was pretty tired!

From Textfixer

I got in, stripped the buggy of our possessions, then got the first Harry Potter book down from the creaking shelf in our main bedroom’s wardrobe.  It is about time I treated myself to reading the whole series in a oner, it will do me good to have great writing to focus on as an escape from my own!

By the time I knuckled down to penning my poem, I must have been in a better mood; the subject matter is a lot cheerier than of late!


Inverse  Heartless  Dent  Largest  Orangutan  National  Deathly  Predator  Evolution


She was the inverse of heartless:

Out to make a dent

In any worthy cause she could find.


She wanted to obtain

One of the largest Instagram followings

So her cute Orangutan pics

Could cause national stirs

(And facilitate deep pockets)


She would journey

Into inhospitable environments

Braving the threat

Of a deathly predator

Just to help those animals in need.


I think, in its next evolution,

The human race

Should grow cockles as warm as hers.

So, by the end of the evening, I had written an OK poem, and read up to P93 of The Philosopher’s Stone.  I zonked before midnight, too, and didn’t even wake up when Youngest had a coughing fit, or Hubby upped sticks and slept on the foldout in Youngest’s room sometime in the early hours…the saint that he is.

Not a bad end to a trying day – and the school is closed to pupils tomorrow, so I may get some more reading and writing done.  Yaaay!








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