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I had the honour of an afternoon nap with our youngest today.  I had been dozing on the couch (due to forgetting my body really needs me to go to bed early once in a while) and he came through from the playroom and snuggled in.  Bliss!

I had our teddy bear throw on, so he just lay on top of me, I put a soft corner of the throw over his back,  and he was asleep in a few minutes!  Hubby was working from home and had a call scheduled for quarter of an hour after school pick up, so he had already said he’d collect our eldest.  He knew if I went, and left him with Youngest in the car, I’d blether and make him late 😉

Youngest and I ended up having a good 90 minutes’ cuddle time!  It always reminds me of having him in the wrap when he was little, I loooove it.  Who knows when the last time will be?  These little gorgeous men of ours are growing so fast!  It’s been months since Eldest fell asleep on me but he’s thankfully still a cuddly bean.

I wonder if the speaker in today’s poem is thinking back to her kid’s snuggly days?!


Numeric  Diary  Delicacy  Fiasco  Crusher  Waveform  Landscape  Blizzard  Harbour


Half the time, when he talks,

I am hoping for numeric references

In his speech bubbles.


How can my diary be full of kids,

And yet I’m so out of touch

With the ‘in’ slang?!


Time with his eyes up from a screen

Is a rare delicacy.  But to confiscate

Is a fiasco I’m not up for.


My voice, apparently, is an instant mood crusher;

Something about the pitch, he said.

My “waveform wasn’t right”?!


I am lost in this teenage landscape –

At times so blurry it’s like

I’m fighting through some blizzard.


Then, out of nowhere, seemingly,

The world outside is too harsh

And I get hugged as if I harbour all that’s good!


I’m sure he loves me still,

(Under that hopelessly hanging hair

And the eye-roll marathons…)


Scribbly wibbles

See what I mean?! 

Hubby and I were also charging about the playground, around 8.50am, giving Eldest piggy back rides today.  I can still pick him up the conventional way, but not for long – and he’s so lanky. It was lovely hearing him laugh and whoop, because we already see the furrowed brows and get called “stupid” a lot.  He’s not even 7 yet… 😉

How do/did you handle the teens in your life?  Were you, yourself, embarrassed by the very existence of your parents?! 

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  1. Jane Wright Says:

    Words very cleverly used.

  2. Montaffera Says:

    Thanks 😉 xxx

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