Defensive Of His Owner

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Michelle commented on my challenge post on Facebook, and asked me to incorporate “defensive of his owner” into my story somewhere today.  I got out my light blue pen, and wrote:


“Never work with children or animals” – it’s a well-known adage for a freaking reason.  I’ve never really been around the former (not my quadrant) but the latter is definitely proven in my day to day.

Many beasts are territorial, squiffy about you going anywhere near their young (does that count as the children part?) or looking like you are about to pilfer their food; but today, TODAY I had to put up with ‘Sparky’ being particularly defensive of his owner. (Despite his ‘owner’ being petrified of him, and about 7 foot shorter than Sparky’s right leg)

Stealing eggs has been outlawed since 2047…

Pixabay army manThat some pillock thought to meld dino DNA with bats’ and canines’ (and that it worked) has always puzzled us Dragon Dousers.  Did they not watch the Jurassic Park movies??  They weren’t supposed to be rough blueprints of the future.  Dragons weren’t ever real for a reason.

They stink, for one thing.

Sparky was still a juvenile, and had been released into quadrant three’s holding pen in the dead of night last year.  Sparky was clever though and, unfortunately, had brought his pals along to ‘defend’ the old man too.

Rough day at the office, this.


I know the Jurassic park movies will be pretty old by 2047, but I’m sure they’ll still have some cult following? I loved the Godzilla movies growing up, for example.

I would tweak a few parts if the rules allowed, but I am quite chuffed that I managed to write a 199 word story in under 20 mins!  Technically I wrote more than that, but I correct stuff as I go along…see the picture comments in the challenge post if you need proof 😉

Thanks again for the fab contribution, Michelle 🙂 I hope you like where I went with it!

Karen’s phrase will be used tomorrow, so remember and keep an eye on the Facebook page, or follow me on Twitter to see what she gave me and if I manage to rise to the challenge 😉

I have seen a few notifications that I have more comments on my sticky post for the ‘Facebook Fiction’, too!!  Yaay, I shall get hubby to tell me who I need to allocate days to and I’ll keep going with the challenge as long as I have phrases to use 😀 I love that my readers are getting involved, the fastest way to develop my writing skills is to make it fun, and I am definitely enjoying myself!!


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