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Hey 🙂

The boys teaching me cards the other morningOur sons are really good at ‘Jack Changes’ now.  My inlaws are visiting, and the boys have had a few games before bed the past two nights – now we are dealing the grandparents in, and letting the kids explain about queens changing the direction of play, and how many cards one picks up if an ace stumps you, etcetera.

First 'Grandparent Lessons' by Youngest and Daddy.Eldest won three times in a row, but Grandma is chasing down his record…

Youngest has such good grace – when I won a game this evening, he ran over and threw his little arms around me in delight!  Doesn’t get that sportsmanship from me 😉

After all this, the first word the generator threw at me today made me smile, and instantly have a theme for my poem!


Dealer   Swarm  Bleed  Recommendation  Overcharge  Month  Sacred  Fit  Lease


The dealer of fate

From Randomwordgenerator

Set the suits to swarm;

As the colours bleed

I swig the whiskey

I bought on some businessman’s



These bars overcharge

I don’t make in a month

What I consume in a night

When the cards bite.


This place may be sacred

But it’s not a good fit;

When my lease expires

I’ll be leaving town fast,

And gambling on other clubs.


Notebook page

I am glad no one has taught our two to play for money yet…

Did/do you play cards with your relatives?  Who taught you to play, and which games?

I remember puzzling over Chess with my Uncle, and Dominoes with my Great Grandfather; but I think card games were mainly with my parents and siblings.  Always nice spending time all together – great for the kids’ maths and problem solving skills, too 🙂








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4 Responses to “Dealer”

  1. Jennifer Patino Says:

    I used to be a decent poker player. My family loves euchre but I could never get the hang of it so they tease me: “How can you be from Michigan and not play euchre?!” 😁 I like board games. We get together with my fam in law and play some fun ones from time to time. 🙂

    Great words today! Life’s a gamble sometimes, eh?

  2. Montaffera Says:

    Oh, definitely!

    Reminds me of the Sheryl Crow song ‘Leaving Las Vegas’, too.
    *Gives self earworm right before bed*
    *Curses self*
    *Hums away happily, anyway*

    Youngest is a whizz at board games, and has a great line in maniacal cackles at my face as he beats me 😉

    Aww it’s good to sit with the inlaws and spend time in a gentle way. Unless there is fierce competition, that’d be awkward, heehee.

  3. Jane Wright Says:

    Nicely atmospheric and words cleverly used.

  4. Montaffera Says:

    Thanks 🙂 x

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