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I like what Textfixer gave me, and the character I then ‘generated’ 🙂



Thick  Crisp  Daredevil  Bit  Alphabetical  Daughter  Rich  Fool  Blur


It was a thick lip

(And some crisp snow

Wrapped in an errant freezer bag)

For her daredevil act.


She didn’t mind a bit,

Regaling anyone who’d listen

With her adventurous tale.


Later, her spaghetti laid out

In order (as alphabetical

As could be managed)

My daughter said again

How she would make me rich

With her “fool’s exploits”.


She would get so good

At stunt-skating

She’d be a professional blur

Across any ice she chose;

Sponsors clamouring in her wake,

Book deals falling in her lap.


I loved the way her eyes shone

At the thought.


I got the idea for the skating boot drawing from this video, and I just made up the little skater (can you tell?!)



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