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Sometimes it pays to look up words that you are already pretty sure you know the meaning of.  One of the great beauties for me, when doing these random poems every day, is that I have to really engage my brain to bring some cohesion to my resulting work.

I decided to look up ‘dam’ because I was wondering if there was a better way to link horses with water, other than talking about canals…and found out that it can refer to the mother of a domesticated animal such as a horse!



Teeny  Distance  Horses  Dam  Obedient  Combative  Zoom  Own  Disgusting


It was a teeny point

But it created such distance between us.

Our horses bolted

Before anyone thought about gates.


I’m sure even a Dam

Would have cautioned against

Our skittishness.


But we weren’t obedient:

Eternally combative,

Rearing up against anything

That could be deemed a foe.


Even each other.


Now we zoom through our lives

Completely on our own,

Never letting on about

How disgusting regret feels.



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