Cute Calamity – #NaPoWriMo23 – Day 11

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Hiya 😊

It’s Day 11 already!

“This prompt challenges you to play around with the idea of overheard language. First, take a look at Naomi Shihab Nye’s poem “One Boy Told Me.”…Now,  write a poem that takes as its starting point something overheard that made you laugh, or something someone told you once that struck you as funny.” [from here]


“…an’ I fell oder

An’ I hurt my knee…

An’ it’s my favrit knee, you know?”

The big brown eyes tilt up,

With trust – complete conviction

That I’m going to make it better.

I watch as the little hands scrabble

To proffer the bloodied scratch,

And I ask if I can kiss

A patch just underneath.

The smile is instant,


There’s a small giggle as I

Plant my lips to undamaged soft skin.

Then we hunt for a plaster

And both grimace as we quickly dab

With a medicated wipe

Before the covering.

He takes my face in his palms,

Squeezing slightly,

Looks deep into my eyes:

“fank oo, mummy”

Then he changes out of nursery clothes

And back to homely garb.


Just a quick write today, but a sweet little memory that was on my mind yesterday whilst  supervising Youngest sorting through a box of random things to see whether he still wanted them in his room.  Our children are growing fast, it is so bittersweet going through all their stages with them!

Catch you tomorrow for NaPo Day 12 😊


Monty X


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