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Today was Youngest’s first nursery trip.  He went to a showing of Grass and, by all accounts, he loved it!

I was very relieved that one of my mum pals went with the group.  I had really fought with myself about going, but had decided against it because I knew that Youngest would enjoy the experience all the more for me not being there (the adventure, and the storytelling possibilities).  He rarely spends extended time away from his parents!

My mum friend was brilliant and kept me informed of what Youngest and her daughter were up to at different points in the day.  Unfortunately pictures were not allowed to be taken, but the descriptions were lovely 😉

See ya later, dawg!

I had waited about for a good half hour in the playground to wave him off on the coach; and Youngest’s wee excited face was gorgeous to see. I snapped a few pics of him flashing me the ‘I love you’ sign through the window, and grinning away with my pal’s daughter. I do admit to some worried tears last night (and to dampening his sleepy bonce a bit as he cuddled into me this morning) but I also knew he’d be mostly sensible and back in one piece soon enough.  Which he was.

I love oo, Daddy!

I did take lots of pictures of him cuddling us this morning, all the same (the ones of me and him have naked breasts in them, so I’ve spared you.  Extended breastfeeding pics don’t appeal to everyone…)

Hubby was working from home today, so he took me down in the car for 2.30pm pick up. Youngest gleefully relayed to both of us, over a snack, how there were butterflies and worms in the performance, and how I would probably not have liked the spider in it!

After Eldest got home and they had watched the tablet a bit together, Youngest came and had a nice snuggly nap on me, which I think he was really needing after all the excitement.  Apparently most of the other kids snoozed on the bus on the way home!

I am glad I let him go, but even more thankful he is tucked up in bed safely now –  and has a whole year to wait til the next one… 😉

Today’s poem has nothing to do with today’s events, but that’s the way it goes, sometimes!


Crumply  Gluttonous  Axe  Heaven  Atonement  Time  Absurd  Deep  Powder

She was sat there,

Her clothes all crumply

Her ‘gluttonous’ ways evident

From the wrappers adorning

The table in front of her.


A caption below it read:

“Me, before I decided to axe

All unhealthy crap from my life!

What a GOD-AWFUL mess!!”


I doubt that he in heaven

Thought her ‘awful’ then –

I doubt he thought

A sharp implement was warranted

To facilitate some atonement…


He probably is happy

That she makes time for herself now

(But mourns this absurd bashing

Of her former self)


These shells we walk in

Provide such deep-seated insecurity

When, in fact,

They were given to protect.


By all means take care of yours

(Cake it in coloured powder, too,

If you wish)

But remember: whom it contains

Is the key.


Interestingly, when I looked up the link for the performance Youngest went to see, I was assaulted by an advert for a BMI calculator.  It’s insidious!

I hope you have learned to love your body over the years?  I remember having the kids and being so in awe of what my body had sustained and produced, and feeling very powerful (while simultaneously exhausted, of course!).  I crafted every patch of my beautiful boys, and that’s pretty fabulous 😉


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