Crossbones and Haikubes

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Hiya 🙂

Here’s today’s roll:

Haikubes roll on today's background


I chose a background material that would suit Epitaph poetry, fully intending to write a few different ones. Unfortunately, I only ended up with one Epitaph, and the background, in hindsight, is not the best for showing up the kubes!! 


Hellbent, putrid, vile one perished!

Our cheeks dry – you were not cherished!


I did roll 14 blank kube-faces, however, so I managed to write three further poems in free verse:


Clear pool –

Her journey

Finally sees light:

Mature grace with

Sweet return to life.14 blanks and beginning to sort the other kubes



Shiver through thunder swell – 

Livid crack –

My heart beats fast.



All the poems I constructed today


Stay gleeful:

What dilemma

Is there

Whose shape cannot turn around?



Doctor war blows…

Realise, brother:

We marvel

That you tried for us.


I don’t have any proper leftovers for tomorrow!  Not bad, eh?!


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