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Hello 🙂

The sun shone on me today.

(It’s been shining for over a week, but today it seemed to penetrate)

The ol’ pelvis has retreated to a twingy murmur as I walk, so getting the boys to the school was not too much of an ordeal.  Even although we left the house pretty late, there was still time for me to cuddle Youngest into nursery, and then rush back to Eldest’s line (where he was at the front) to flash the sign for ‘I Love You’ at him as he filed in with his pals.

I parked the rickety buggy outside the nursery, pulled up on the gravel around the walkway (checking with one of the nursery team it was ok to leave it there) then wandered off to the little shop to get some money out, having a pleasant chat with one of my mum pals.  We went in her car to the local café, but there was a notice on the door saying it was closed while new management took over.  We ended up at the café of a local garden centre instead, and put the world to rights, as us mums do!

Surveying all the land he owned as king...Youngest was in a good mood and walked all the way home with me, stopping to point out numbers and letters on signs, and also to climb on the end of a barrier and tell me he was ‘Da King of da Castle’ while taking in the view.

I love his little rituals 😉

As I had been out all morning, and doing bloggy stuff in the evening, the house was still trashed from the end of yesterday; but I had cleaned the main bathroom quickly in the morning before school, so I just flew around with the vacuum and straightened a few things up a bit.  My mum had assured me that she was cool with the fact that not much had been done in the way of housework in the last week, due to my pelvic problems.

Youngest was amazing and changed his pull-up by himself, washed his hands, then tidied all the toys into their proper places in the playroom.  Our boys become very helpful if a grandparent visit is promised!!

We had a lazy lunch, then Youngest fell asleep before the buggy-and-tunes extravaganza that is my usual school pick-up routine.

It was Eldest’s turn to be amazing after school, as he kept an eye on Youngest in the buggy while I darted into the shop and bought cake for our visitors (Youngest had reminded me earlier).  There was only one hairy moment where I lost sight of the door, and consequently the boys, for longer than I liked in the crowded shop; but all was ok.  Youngest was still asleep when I got out, we had cake, and Eldest had behaved impeccably!  Win!

When my Mum and Dad arrived, I was presented with this lovely chap:

My Mum had made him ages ago, and he’d been unearthed while moving things for decorating their house.  Who wouldn’t love a friendly owl?! Perfect timing with the reading I’m doing just now 😉

As he is attached to slate, and my Mum has performed her own kind of wizardry on him, he can even live outside in our back garden.  Dad fixed him to one of our fence posts, and now the clever mosaic can be spied from both the playroom and my bedroom.

I absolutely love looking at him 😀

Dad, Hubby and the boys all came to the conclusion he should scare the cats that poop near there, now.  I’m not convinced, but anything’s worth a try…

The boys filled the remaining time with teaching my folks card games.  It’s a grandparent theme, it would seem!  I also plied my parents with tea and cake, so all you can see are my Dad’s legs in the pic, I’m afraid!


I did get around to writing a poem today, too!  When I read the words I thought verse would be easier than a story.  I did go for a good bit of rhyme, however:


Stove  Cent  Clever  Sheep  Guiltless  Creator  Shaggy  Maddening  Bite

(A smoky stove puffed out at me…)

“I will not spend a cent

On any kind of trickery

On which your clever mind is bent.


My wallet won’t be herded like

A silly flock of sheep

‘New kitchen’ thoughts can take a hike,

They’re anything but cheap!


You like to act all guiltless

But you’re the creator of my WOES

I swear that we’ve just built this

Damn wing of the house! Lord knows


I put up with your shaggy cat,

His maddening balls of hair;

His tendency to bite me that

“He doesn’t mean…” You swear.


I bought those shoes, and handbag too!

The clothes you had to wear –

So a NEW COOKER’s out the question: you

Can make do with WHAT’S THERE!!”


Geez, grumpy much?!  What kind of husband throws all that back in a woman’s face, I ask you…?

After a lovely day, I topped it off by finishing not just the eighth Famous Five adventure I was reading to the children, but also the book I was reading to myself.  I love the fact that Eldest is as excited as I am that we’ll each be embarking on a fresh book tomorrow (I’m re-reading them both, of course, but it’s still a wonderful feeling – and the boys will be hearing FF9 for the first time!)



I will leave you with a last look at our handsome new garden addition, cos he’s worth it! 

Well done Mopples, and thanks again, we loooove him! 😀








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