Cowardly Caterwaul (#NaPoWriMo Day 29)

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I’m on the penultimate poem of my first crack at National Poetry Month!  Wow!

The prompt was to go and pick a Silvia Plath poem from the selection linked, and write my own piece that related to it in some way.  I chose The Courage Of Shutting-Up which I read for the first time this evening and love 😉

Here is my response:




I knew it!  I knew it!

He’s done it again,

I’m rubbing my nails on my top;

Shining the claws

Before digging them in

(With teeth just behind them in line)

shouting woman


A worm-turn,

A blasting,

A full-throttle ride out

Of everything I think is true.


A cartoon-like rattling,

A pepp’ring of flesh;

And a dead man: tripped up and confused…


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