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Hello, lovely readers!

Very excited about the launch of my Facebook community page for this blog!

Thanks again to all who are reading this, it is beyond heartwarming that you take time out of your day to visit me here and see what I’m up to 😉  I send each and every one of you a massive hug!!

It took a vast bottomless pit of bit of panic meltdown complete creative despair courage to start this little venture and, 80 posts in, the feedback I am getting is MOST encouraging *does a wee happy jig*

From textfixer

If you had told my 15 year old self that almost a quarter of a century (!!) later I’d be putting my writing out into the world every evening (and people would not only CHOOSE to read it, but keep coming back) well…!  She’d ask you what the heck a ‘blog’ was on this strange ‘internet’ thing, and then she’d look hopeful for a moment before dismissing you as a loony.  Teenagers, eh?

I had an idea kicking around in my head after hearing a story the other week (mixed in with the fact we attended Eldest’s parents’ evening earlier).  I decided to change the circumstances of the story I’d heard (and ages and genders, actually.  Basically everything…) and set it in the playground, when I saw ‘correlation’ come up, paired with ‘drug’ and ‘adventure’.

I chuckled while writing this, so I hope it amuses you, too:


correlation, bag, drug, doomsday, sweat, adventure, good, bare, boast


Our lives have no real correlation,

He is so official and together

With his important-looking bag;

And his hair all neat.

But, oh, it’s like some drug

To stand at the classroom door,

Smiling at the kids,

Wondering if he’s noticed me.


I know my personal doomsday clock

Would be so up if they guessed my thoughts –

My career all in ruins

All that Uni-sweat in vain…

But man what a rush!

Such a crazy adventure

To step into the sunset

With a mature man like him!


I bet he knows a good few languages,

Could take me to posh eateries;

Shower me with trinkets;

Talk poetry while bare-toed in the sand.

All the ‘men’ my age boast too much.

His kid won’t be in my class next year –

Plus I’m sure he’s separated

After his wife called me last week…


Noting – in a book

Has anyone checked her stove for bunnies…?

I saw the speaker as a hair-twirler looking askance at some poor, unsuspecting, businessman who had made time in his day to wave off his son most mornings.  She was wearing an impratically twirly dress for her day ahead, and pouting.

What did you see?

And, more importantly, do you have any scandalous stories to share?! 😛

Feel free to comment here, or on the shiny new page !!


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  1. Jane Wright Says:

    Love the surprise ending

  2. Montaffera Says:

    She’s one to watch, that one 😉 x

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