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Today’s Glo/NaPoWriMo prompt threw down this challenge:

“Try to write a poem grounded in language as it is spoken – not necessarily the grand, dramatic speech of a monologue or play, but the messy, fractured, slangy way people speak in real life.”

I loooove me a bit of dialogue!! 😀

Not sure you could call the below poetry, however – I think it is a blatant conversation/mini play thingy/scene from a story instead.  But stuff it, I like how it turned out, though if I had more time I would probably tweak the start a bit.

“…I’m sick of all this pretending that I care about the little daily emergencies, the who said what to whom, the moods of my boss and…

No, mummy’s on the phone, no…”

“Hiya! Dat lucy?”

“Hi! Clever girl!  How did you know?!”

“I hearded oo, my mummy likes-es oo…”

“Aww I like her too! Am I talking to her too much, honey?”

“No, no, she just grabbed the phone, sorry…off you go sweetheart…

Honestly! Kids!!! Where was I?”

“Boss crap”

Yes, oh she’s a nightmare, Luce”

“Oooo, She! You have a new boss?”

“No, sorry, Hayley’s annoying me.  Wants juice…SWEETHEART!  I TOLD YOU NOOOO!!! She’s in the kitchen cupboard.  HAY-leeeeey!  Hang on I’ll have to go get her…”

*muffled negotiation*

“That’s the door!! It’s a madhouse here, wait a minute, I’ll take you along if you like?”

“Ok? Or I could call you later…?”

*sounds of walking, a scream of a frustrated child some way off*



“…oh thank you, why don’t you come in?…oh not at all, I was just going to put the kettle on anyway. Come in, come in!”

“Becky I’ll just go if that’s you got a visitor…?  Becky…?”

“Oh, yeah I was just speaking to Lucy, you know, from toddler group?  Yeah, yeah, that’s right, Hannah’s auntie”

“Becky…?  Do you want me to let you go…?”

“I just need to pop out of the room a sec, the cupboard behind you has the biscuits, and I’ll pop the kettle on, see you in a sec…”

*hurried walking, voice changes to a hiss* “Luuuuce!  Gary’s here!”

“Oooooh…wait…GARY Gary?!”

“Yes ‘Gary, Gary’!!! What do I do?!”

“Why did you invite him into your house, Becky?!”

“I don’t knooooow! I thought he was here to confront me, then when I realised he just came to give me a parcel he’d taken in, I panicked!!”

“Oh. My. God.  What are you going to do?!”

“Lu-cyyyyy!  I asked YOU that!!”

“Well I don’t know!  You can’t very well deal with him with Hayley in the house!”

“I could get him in the other room…”

“Do you still have the carpet covered?”


“Well that might work, but how will you distract Hayley? And when will Steve be home?”

“Not for another two hours or so, he’s working late.  Hayley could get the Disney Channel…”

“You need my bagging skills again?  Say in half an hour?”

“Could you, hun?  It would help me out, what with the tight timescale.”

“Ok.  You called me on your burner phone though, right?”

“Of cooooourse I did!”

“Cool.  See you soon then.  Oh, and don’t get ick on your shoes this time, ok?  If I have to hear another elegy for a damn pair of shoes…”

“Don’t worry, I’m indoors this time, silly!”



Until tomorrow, dear friends… 😉


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