Contradicting Larkin – #NaPoWriMo23 – Day 3

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How Do?!

Today’s was a fun prompt!

“Find a shortish poem that you like, and rewrite each line, replacing each word (or as many words as you can) with words that mean the opposite” [from here]

The sun is shining today so I thought I would turn Philip Larkin’s This Be The Verse on its head and write a positive poem! I kept the syllable count for each line and also the rhyming scheme, but it did end up sounding very different in tone to the original 😉


They set one straight, hand-picked non-fam,

Intentionally geared for good.

They siphon off all virtues’ shams,

Just leave one feeling understood.


And they are raised up all the time,

By wisdom in new age attire –

Full advocates, partners in crime,

Calm masterminds when one aspires.


Humans disperse joy through the world,

Can lighten up the greyest skies;

Participate, wings full unfurled,

Accept each other, harmonise.


The more I read of Larkin, the more I think he really needed the company of more zany friends to shake him out of his doldrums 😉

Catch you tomorrow for Day 4! Ta-ra for now!

Monty X

[Image by Michal Jarmoluk from Pixabay]


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  1. Jane Wright Says:

    You are too clever for me!

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