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Hello, poetry pals *waves*

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It tickles me that when one asks the mighty Google to look up ‘degenerate’, the Also Try section suggests Ellen Degeneres’ Wiki.

…do we think it’s cos of this?!

(Just to point out, I knew what ‘degenerate’ meant, I just wanted to see if there was a nuance I wasn’t thinking of straight away, that I could use in my poem)  (No, seriously)

Anyway, I’m back to a relationship bust-up in today’s offering.  Goody.  It was ‘contempt’ that swung it.


Degenerate   Brutally   Heretical    Computation   Agent   Fashion   Amnesia   Contempt   Root

“You are such a degenerate!”

“Do you have to be so brutally honest?

All the bloody time?

Besides, that would be a

Heretical statement

In some quarters, you know…”


“None I’ve been in!” she snapped back.

He did some computation of her mood.

“Darling…” he tried, but no.

“Don’t ‘darling’ me you –

You agent of the devil!”

He blinked, trying to fashion a response.


If only he could knock

The correct part of her skull,

Bring forth amnesia:

Utter contempt all fair forgotten

To its root.

What blessings then…?


Notebook scribbles

I have no idea why, but the male speaker in this was played by Burt Reynolds; in a white suit.  Well, I know why a white suit, but would Burt Reynolds talk this way?  He had a posh English accent in my head.  And no cowboy hat.

I should have gone to bed earlier instead of staying up til 2am tinkering with this site.

When I tapped around the idea of Reynolds playing someone British, however, I found this discussion about him hypothetically taking on the role of James Bond.  Hmmm…

The female speaker in the poem was played by Nicole Kidman. 

Now (it would appear) my subconscious is coming up with an idea; penning the piece without my input; getting it out there; pitching it to producers, and having big names perform it.  [All before I had written it, within fifteen minutes, this morning while my kids were out of the house]. 

*Thinks about all that for a second*


I really do need to lie down.



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3 Responses to “Contempt”

  1. Jane Wright Says:

    A difficult selection cleverly handled.

  2. Montaffera Says:

    Awww, thank you Jane X

  3. Montaffera Says:

    P.S I saw Reynolds’ character in a particular way…as a vampire, hence the way he speaks. I didn’t want to colour a reading of the poem by putting that in the post 😉

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