Concrete Witness Pt 4

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Hiya 🙂

Today’s words took a bit of research to incorporate!! 

RNA is related to DNA, according to the Wikipedia page.  I thought this would be tricky to shoehorn in, however, so I went on a Google hunt and found something easier 😉

A Bustard is a type of bird.

Pastern refers to part of a horse’s leg, and Pyroxene is a group name for minerals (which meant I was looking at metamorphic rocks with cleavage, like yesterday…)

How exactly does any of the above relate to my stony-faced couple?  (See what I did there??) Read on to find out…

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Rolled   RNA   Bustard   Stain   Stick   Pastern   Snipe   Food   Pyroxene


Bridget rolled over in bed the next morning and realised that Ollie still wasn’t there.  She grabbed her phone and saw that there were no missed calls or messages, so he’d probably sneaked in and fallen asleep on the couch.  Again.

Bridget did spot that the Romantic Novelists’ Association had again turned down her application to their New Writers’ Scheme.  “The RNA welcomes new members, however our scheme is fully booked for 2018…” claimed their email.  Bridget frowned and got out of bed, muttering about websites not being updated on time and the unfairness of a writer’s life.

She found Ollie half dressed and bleary eyed in the kitchen.  He looked awful.

“’Morning” she said.

Ollie looked sheepish: “Hi.”

“Good night?” asked Bridget

Riveting documentary on the Great Bustard I had to stay up for.  They’re odd looking birds, they have whiskers like an old man.  They were hunted to extinction here, but are being re-introduced to the Salisbury Plain.  Shame you missed it…” said Ollie.Man under blanket on couch

“Ah. Lovely.  What’s that stain on your top?” said Bridget.


“Lovely…”  she was trying to stick to a ‘pastern to the posterior’ instead of full-blown kicking him, but she was losing the battle a little more every second…

“Don’t snipe at me, at least I ate!  Food is food.  And I didn’t puke.”  Said Ollie.


“Well…you know…that teacher look thing you have going on.”

“I don’t!”

“You definitely do” said Ollie.

“I just thought you were tired, but then you didn’t even come to bed…” that’s it Bridget, focus on your feelings, not blame, well done…

“God!  I said I was sorry!”

“You didn’t, actually”

“Well…sorry!! There you go!  I was being an insensitive…Bustard!” grinned Ollie


“Oh, c’mon Bridge!  Don’t be like that!”

“15 years, Ollie! You’d think that would mean something!”

“It does Bridge! C’mon, I took you out for a nice meal, can’t we just be friends?!”

“You only took me because I booked it!!”

Ollie harrumphed and proceeded to pick up her late father’s rare Perovskite, Nepheline and Pyroxene mineral blend from the bookshelf.

“Why do we keep this lump of shiny concrete, again?!” he sulked.


That would go down in history as Bridget’s final straw…


No offence meant to the RNA, this was just me using creative wiggle room, which hopefully they’ll understand 😉

Tomorrow is to be the last instalment and I have no idea which words I’ll get, but I have a few avenues of thought for endings to this, so I am hoping one of them is accommodated by the generator!!

See you tomorrow… 😀


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  1. Jane Wright Says:

    This is absolutely hilarious! I am sitting here in stitches at the way you are having to work these crazy words in. Well done.

  2. Montaffera Says:

    Hee hee 😉 always good to give my brain a workout!! x

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