Concrete Witness Pt 2

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Hey 🙂

Ready for part two?!

[Here is part one if you need it ;)]

Jimpix came up with a nice mixture today, so I was reasonably comfortable…

Screenshot for Jimpix words


Steam   Utility   Cinnamon   USD   Clerk   Logger   Policy   Saxophone   Inflate


She was steam-cleaning the utility room and the tantalising smell of cinnamon and sandalwood, from the homemade multipurpose cleaner she’d used in the kitchen, was taking her to her happy place.  She could have just bought some of that eco-cleaner online but, even converted from USD, it was a tad extortionate. 

The granules from the cinnamon powder were a little noticeable on her counters, but the clerk at the health-food shop had told her it wouldn’t damage anything…

There was so much to be said for aromatherapy in the home!  She couldn’t wait to watch more YouTube videos about it. 

The Pine and Cedarwood essential oils had made her think of Forests…some hunky logger, throwing back his long dark locks, flexing his muscles, cutting down trees with just an axe to showcase his strength for her…drawing of a logger

“BRIDGE…? YOU SEEN THE POLICY FOLDER?” Ollie shouted, from somewhere upstairs.

“THE WHAT?!?” Bridget replied.

“The policy folder” Ollie said, getting closer “I want to look at our life insurance.”

An evil glint came into Bridget’s eye for a moment, but she let it pass.  “No.  I haven’t.  Try the spare room?”

“Ok.  You alright?  You look flushed” said Ollie.

“Oh. Well!  Steam cleaning, you know…” said Bridget.

“Ok.  Well, I’ll go look in the spare room, then…?”


Ollie left.

Bridget waited until she heard him stomping upstairs again (why did he always have to do that?!) before she re-ran the Saxophone track in her head:   He would turn and lock eyes with me, I would move forward and brush some twigs from his shoulders…

“No wonder those sites inflate their prices” she thought, later.  “The effects of a great scent are totally worth it!”


Where will we go from here?!  Jimpix will guide the way…

Be sure to check back tomorrow 😉


[Logger pic is from here]


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  1. Jane Wright Says:

    I am thoroughly enjoying this!

  2. Montaffera Says:

    Yaay 😉 x

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