Concrete Witness Pt 1

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Hey There 🙂

Well, I have decided to try out another 5-part story to take me through the working week.  I won’t be using Haikubes this time, however…I am going to rely on my old frenemy, Jimpix!!

As regular readers will know, this particular random word generator is very good at angling curve-balls at me, so writing a cohesive story over 5 days with it should be suitably challenging!!

To make things a little easier, I got Textfixer to throw me out 5 words to choose a title from:

words generated for the title:

Words generated: concrete, acrobatic, compassionate, witness, kick

‘Concrete Witness’ seemed to give me the most scope, so I went for that 😉

I then forged ahead and visited Jimpix for nine words to get writing with:

Jimpix words for today's instalment


And so I began, timer set for 20 mins…


Ollie   Fretful   Silicon   Sin   Main   Gift   Smoked   Medium   Rad

Ollie cringed as his wife’s fretful voice bounced around the mostly tiled walls.  Hearing her approach the door, he pretended to be engrossed in determining the Silicon content of the bath sealant; trying to dodge whatever retribution was coming his way for his latest perceived sin.

“Are you in the main bathroom?!” she shrieked.


“Good!” she barrelled in, “what did you do to Aunt Mary’s chocolates?!”

“What chocolates?”

“The ones on the counter!”

“The Belgian ones?”


Ollie went back to ‘reading’.

His wife gathered herself in a bit, and seemed to grow taller “Did you eat the chocolates, Oliver…?!” She asked, in a mock-calm voice.

“I only had one…” said Ollie, truthfully.

“They were a gift for Aunt Mary!”

“They’re lovely, a very good choice” said Ollie, climbing back into the bathtub, toolbelt jangling.

“But she won’t GET them now, because YOU have opened them!  And I’m going over just now!” growled his wife.Belgian chocs n roses

“Can you not buy some more on the way?  I’ll give you the money.”

“You can only get them from that fancy shop in town, and I don’t have TIME to get more!”

“You’ll be passing Asda, though” said Ollie “get her something there.”

His wife made a noise that was a cross between a strangled chicken and a lapdog being trodden on; then she flounced off.

Ollie chuckled a little, then started to whistle.

One would never guess, looking at her now, that when they’d first met his wife had a weakness for weed; and had smoked it with her low-tar, medium nicotine cigarettes (while saying almost everything was “totally rad”).

Marriage could really ruin a relationship.


Which one are you rooting for…? 

Come back tomorrow and see what Jimpix gives me to play with, and how the story goes 😉



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  1. Jane Wright Says:

    Can’t wait!

  2. Montaffera Says:

    Just trying to settle to write the next instalment now… x

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