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Good Evening!

From Random lists

I come to you with dust in my nails, and having drunk so much Irn Bru Xtra I don’t know why I don’t glow in the dark yet.

Something about Spring flowers poking through, the nights getting slowly lighter, and the air smelling new is making me want to do more housework.  Or maybe it’s just the remnants of this dratted cold addling my mind?!

Whatever is going on, I keep staying up late writing, and feeling slightly better about getting out of bed in the mornings; but I am burning candles I didn’t know I even owned, aaaand I have a quinine habit.

But stuff it, I’m loving having a creative outlet again  😛

Lines 7-9 of the second verse came to me first, as the “moral” of my poem became evident when I read the last three words on the generator.  I tried to leave enough room for the rest of the poem on my page, but I had to squish bits in near the end!

(Our eldest regularly points out how untidy my notebook pages look, and how he can write neatly but he’s younger than me…)


Complex  Edge  Report  Spray  Quiver  Lip  Level  Impress  Repulsive

“Son,” she started, thoughtfully,

“Life can be very complex

(At least, others will make it seem so)

Everyone is searching for that edge:

A good report, the best spray tan,

The latest, most expensive shoes –


But please don’t listen

When they tell you that you’ve failed!

Get right back up,

But don’t be afraid to show the quiver of your lip;

There is strength in vulnerability

That gender does not change.

Everyone takes you on their own level:

Some you will impress,

Others will deem you repulsive –

But only you decide what faith to put in them.”


The Green Greeny 😉

My boys are always questioning why I cry so easily and Daddy doesn’t.  There is no easy answer to this (well, aside from hormones!).

We say that different people react to things in different ways, but it is hard not to paint a non-crying person as stronger to a kid.

I hate that.

I do try and point out that after a good cry and a cuddle, things always seem better; and so it’s worth it – but still they ask!

Our almost seven year old is so aware of pecking orders in his class/Top Trumps packs/the crazy amount of Match Attax cards that the kids all seem obsessed with in his year…it just appears to be a natural part of ordering and processing life.

Put people into boxes and equate one’s ability to show emotion to an admission of weakness…

I really hope my little guys continue growing in their empathy and understanding of what makes people sad, and never completely buy into the macho image.  As much as the drama in this household could do with being brought down a notch or two at times (!) I do love hearing about their inner worlds and providing the haven they come to when their little hearts are heavy, or their thoughts are tangled up. I’d hate for them to feel it was wrong to feel at all!

What is your take on this?



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