My First Facebook Collaboration!!

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Hello out there!

I was thinking about all the wonderful peeps who support my ramblings here. Most of them hang out on Facebook of an evening (around kid and dinner stuff, etc).  I usually use my Facebook page solely to post new content, but that kinda gets stale on your timeline after a while, doesn’t it?!

So I asked for one word to be commented from each of my Facebook readers, with the promise that I would construct a poem from the first nine.  I am happy to say I reached my quota pretty quickly, and the results are below 🙂 (nervous drumroll…)


Disassociate  Empathy  Magical  Charlatan  Reflective  Anomaly  Happy  Rainclouds  Error


I never quite disassociate myself

From that scared little girl

With blonde hair and glasses,

Not receiving empathy

For the wounds she couldn’t describe.


Partly stood in magical worlds

Where she was omnipotent;

It was hard to face a reality

Where her benevolent acts were shunned.

pixabay cartton girl with glasses

As she learned, the teenage her

Grew a charlatan shell

Only gaining soulfood

In a deep reflective trance.


A walking anomaly,

She felt distanced from happy

So embraced the rainclouds

And wrote of their flight.


And that was not an error;

She did it well, and now

Has taught herself to fly.


I think our bonding,

Through life gifted outside of our self,

Has served us very well.


Big hugs to: (in order of appearance) Sandy, Katie, Amanda, Donna, Emma, Jenny, Hannah, Stephanie and Michelle 😉 Great words…I only had seconds left to circle them at the end of my 15 mins!!

Hope you all approve of the outcome…!


[Pic from here, original FB post here]


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