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Happy Halloween!!

Who was trick or treating tonight??  I sent Hubby out ‘round the doors with our two lil zombie knights, while I stayed in the house to cater to the rest of the neighbourhood – not one of whom showed up!?

It was Amanda’s turn to inspire me today, and she’d written:

“The sky looked as if it was on fire, a reflection of how she felt…”

Which I was free to use anywhere in my short story. 


The sky looked as if it was on fire, a reflection of how she felt.  Amy shut the curtains and studied her baby sleeping; took in the faintest trace of grown-up glitter on his pink little face.

pixabay pic of sunsetThose flames still licked at Amy’s conscience: where was the justice in what she was about to do? It screamed.  How would she live with herself…?  But Amy had given up on living, and consequently had never felt such vitality.

She walked softly from the window to the landing, making sure not to let the nursery door creak behind her. She sidestepped all the blood pooling at the foot of the stairs, dodged the still-groaning incapacitated folks in the entrance hall.

Her husband was still suspended from the makeshift rack, begging for his life; thankfully still muffled by the duct tape.  (Wouldn’t do to wake the baby from his nap, would it?). The cheating scum could hang there all night and think about whether that tart was worth it. (She’d kill him later).

It was wonderful how the fangs had grown in first, but it would be much more peaceful when the human NONSENSE stopped echoing in her head.  It was definitely getting fainter now, mind you.  Actually, a bit of loud music would probably drown it out a treat…


It was a fab line from Amanda, but I really struggled trying to shoehorn it into a spooky story that wasn’t about star crossed lovers 😉  I only managed 202 words, and lots of them were repeated too much!

It didn’t really help that Hubby and Youngest returned from the nursery Wood Walk in my last 5 mins, and stomped all over my train of thought by asking me stuff…I could have caught the fact that I make it sound like Amy’s Husband’s floozy would kill him, not Amy.  Ooops!

Anyway, I hope you like it and forgive the fact it REALLY reads like a first draft 😉 thanks again, Amanda, for the prompt!

Hopefully I’ll be back in better writing form tomorrow – enjoy your evening, folks!



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