Many A Lonely Winter

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Hello there!

For today’s piece of ‘Facebook fiction’, I was given an opener by Sheelagh.  It reads:

“A seemingly authoritarian figure with a frosty manner, cultivated over many a lonely winter; secretly he longed for affection and friendship…”

How ‘cool’ is that?!

Despite having dawdled on the way home from school/nursery drop off, coupled with taking too long stuffing breakfast into my face, and my tech being obstinate as usual  (I’m looking at you, creaky phone.  Plus, don’t get me started on Mr Red ‘Grumpy Pants’ Laptop) I managed to have a lot of fun scribbling before I ran down the road with the buggy 😉


trees, snow, winterA seemingly authoritarian figure with a frosty manner, cultivated over many a lonely winter; secretly he longed for affection and friendship.  He hadn’t had any input in his creation, and felt bitter about that. Others had managed to turn a new page, taste a new life, live out their fantasies – but he had always been stuck there, mourning his fate.

Every attempt he’d made at conversation had been met with a chilly reception.  His disability kept him from venturing out.  It was hard to explain to others how it felt not to be mobile; not to be able to escape the confines of his allocated box.

He watched as a snowball flew out of frame (apparently narrowly missing Dashi from the Octonauts).  He couldn’t see who’d thrown it, but Bob the Builder had crept past and over the thick black line a few moments earlier.

Bob hadn’t even cast a smile at the snowman (embedded in a large ‘drift, wishing someone would think to draw him some legs…)


Did you guess where I was going with the story?!

I was thinking about a baddy in Blyton’s The Rat-A-Tat Mystery: he walks past the kitchen window, dressed as the children’s ‘Mr Icy-Cold’ (whom they had constructed a few days prior) and he gives the mistress of the house a shock. Raymond Briggs’ Father Christmas was flitting through my mind, too. I also rifled the pile of old magazines in Eldest’s room, to quickly decide on well-known characters to introduce…  There are great creative benefits to writing in a kid’s room, I thoroughly recommend it 😉

Thanks again to Sheelagh for starting me off today 😀

It is Emma’s turn tomorrow; Michelle is to be featured on Saturday, and Karen on Sunday (hubby confirmed there was a line for me, just not…what!)

Please hop over to the sticky post on my Facebook page and bagsy a day next week. What will you have me write about…?

This is toooo exciting *claps her hands*


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