Lost And Found In Unexpected Places

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Hi 🙂

Jane emailed me earlier in the week, but I didn’t read it until this evening as I suspected it contained a prompt!

Sure enough:


Title: Lost And Found In Unexpected Places

First line:  “I’m afraid I’ve mislaid the baby” said Roger.

Form: Story


I love a bit of dialogue, me…


“I’m afraid I’ve mislaid the baby” said Roger.


“Yes.  Can you help me look…?”

I threw my magazine down dramatically, startling the cat.  “Okaaaaay…”

newborn picture

My first port of call was the swing seat in next door’s garden.  (Roger has this arrangement where he’s allowed to roam their grounds while they’re at work).  Not there.

I could hear Roger systematically ransacking the downstairs cupboards upon my return to the house, so I headed upstairs and turned our bedroom upside down instead.  I found the kite Roger had been reminiscing about last week (under the bed) and a pot of jam that had ‘wandered’ from the refrigerator; inexplicably teetering on the edge of the small bath in our en suite.

“Any luck?” Roger panted from the top of the stairs, as I made a futile attempt to locate the lid of the blackcurrant.

“No!” I said “Roger, you are an absolute pillock, really.  I thought you promised you’d take better care…”

“I did!  I put the neon yellow on her, like you suggested, so she’d be easier to spot!”

“You aren’t supposed to lose her though, Roger.  That’s my point.” I sighed.

“I know, but I just get caught up.  I have so many thoughts and deadlines and…”

“I know, I know,” I patted his arm because he was pinching the bridge of his nose again.  “How about we go and have a cup of tea, and maybe you’ll remember where you put her.”

“Yes, ok.” Roger smiled at me “I’ve written over 2000 words today, you know!”

“Wow! That’s impressive, I can’t wait to hear where you’ve taken her!”


We were half way through a game of chess when he suddenly remembered.

“She’s in the car, Margaret!  I left her on the passenger seat!”

He ran out, keys in hand, eager to have his manuscript in his hands possession once more.


I really enjoyed writing this one 😉 thanks for the inspiration, Jane!!

I have been thinking about a new challenge to set myself on the Facebook page.  I want to eventually get back into writing my novel, so I hope to keep building my muscles for penning longer pieces (302 words today!).  I shall try to have a new Facebook Collaboration post up tonight…


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  1. Jane Wright Says:

    Well done. I couldn’t understand how the ‘you’ character was so calm about it! Nice surprise at the end.

  2. Montaffera Says:

    Yes, “tea and a spot of chess while a defenceless child is goodness knows where?!” 😂😂😂

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