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Hi 🙂

I think I strayed a little from Michelle’s brief, but I quite like what came of my dabbling!

Michelle gave me the title of this post, and asked that I wrote a poem about “an ivory poacher having a change of heart”.

Technically, I wrote about a rich white guy in about the 1800s who usually pays for people to get him the ivory in order to make money from it, but goes along for the hunt this time…an act that was not illegal or particularly frowned upon until the 1970s and 80s.  So not a poacher, unless you use the more general term of “any encroachment on another’s property, rights, ideas, or the like”.

I would say killing an Elephant for its tusks violates its rights…


Run Wild


A rivalry

For ivory

Is pointless, ‘far as I can see;


We wait ‘neath trees

With guns to fell what should be free.


elephant close up

What paltry sums

To lift said guns;

At once to murderers become!

Orphan the young –

Once deed is done

Let noble carcass rot in sun…


My education came to naught

If empathy was seldom taught!


Once witnessed, ne’er be forgot:

That worth of life cannot be bought.


The words just flowed out in this rather pompous style for the first verse (they often do when I try to rhyme) and I just went with it,  knowing that people today don’t write like this!  As hubby pointed out, however, there are still those with too much money who think it is good sport to kill large animals, so the above is topical even if not exactly on task 😉

Sorry Michelle, your recent specs have made me think, but also kinda cheat!!! Thanks muchly for all you send my way, however *grins*.


I shall try and dream up a new sticky post this evening, to keep writing material that you lovely readers want to see on here (or at least approximations of it…haha).


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