At Rainbow’s End

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Hi there 🙂

Apologies to all!  Two days without writing!!  Eeeek!!!

As I put on my Facebook page, I was feeling pretty yuck all day Friday and I decided to abandon hopes of writing anything coherent.  I did mean to hop back on here yesterday (Saturday) with two new pieces instead, written in the evening when everything got a bit quieter and my sludgy thoughts would have a chance to maybe band together.  Unfortunately my kids are very good at giving cuddles and Hubby thought I really needed the rest and didn’t wake me when I fell asleep around 8.30pm…

So here I am about 6 hours later, typing you a poem I wrote when I woke up!

Alana, one of my lovely longstanding ‘Comfy’ readers, is not on Facebook but text me:


“What about a poem about, say, a young single mum wondering what’s in the actual pot at the end of the rainbow?”




My prince will come…

But he’ll be dumb.

(Cos that’s the usual rule of thumb)


No beans for me

Or Hatter’s tea

(Or Granny, dressed as a fairy)

rainbow with couple

Wildlife or elves?!

Housework myself

(Work like Cinders, for no wealth)


My ‘chosen’ child

Ain’t meek, or mild.

(No prophesy for us got filed)


My special quests?

To get her dressed.

(In healthy food, keep her impressed…)


At rainbow end

I’d like a friend:

Someone on which I could depend.


I wonder what

Is in that pot

(Some leftovers?  Encrusted grot?)


To me pure gold

Is rather cold

For some adventurer so bold…


I am not sure the last three verses are in the correct order, but I ran out of time.  The rhymes were eluding me a bit 😉 hopefully you get what points etc I was going for, anyway?

Ok, I’d better hop off and get back to bed.  My joints are hurting and I am not sitting in Eldest’s padded swivel chair over my laptop (cos it’s after 2.30am) but hunched in Hubby’s wooden one at the PC. 

I’m restless, but definitely NOT comfy, hahahahaha!

I will try and whip up at least one more creative offering before the day’s over.  Sorry again for seeming to disappear before – I’m still alive and I love you all really!!


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  1. PrettyKoolDame Says:

    I hope you get to feeling better soon!

  2. Montaffera Says:

    Thanks hun xxx how’re you doing?

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