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I learned today there are definitely pieces that I can’t write in 20 minutes!!  Michelle’s idea was lovely (I actually teared up when I read it) but the complexities totally foxed me. 

This was Michelle’s task:

Title: Misheard

Character: Adolescent boy with non-verbal autism

Form: Story

I went to YouTube first, as I had been procrastinating on there watching things about J. K. Rowling anyway (as one does).  I tapped around this channel, then this one – for about ten minutes all in. It was then only about half an hour until I would have to go and pick up Youngest, so I just screwed up my courage and started writing.

The piece is meant to mostly happen in the character’s head, of course:


Mum, put the phone AWAY!

It needs to go away, loud words hurt my ears.  I am going to take it away.  I hate it!  It sounds like the bad man.  The bad man makes Mum cry.boy holding phone

I want the news on.  I want the man with the clouds and sunshine, and the lady with the glasses on.  The lady is kind.  Smiles look good on her.

Mum has a wet face.  My finger is wet.  Mum can’t dry it.

“because I am too sad”

I am sad.  My face is not wet.  Mum is angry.  I want a smile. 

I can see the sun, it makes me happy.  I want Mum to look at the sun.  The sun is on her hair.  She needs to LOOK.  The sun will make her happy.  I WANT her to LOOK!!  Mum will not SEE.


The bad man is in the toilet.  I can see his face talking.


Yes, it took me the full 20 minutes to write these 155 words.  I was really struggling to figure out how to not make him sound like a toddler, but also use simpler phrases.  Plus, I was confused about pronouns.  Would he use them, if he could verbalise…does that mean he’d use them in his head??

Hubby didn’t really get what I was going for at the end of the piece when I read him it, and I ran out of time so wasn’t allowed to  tweak!  If I had had a few minutes extra, I would have scribbled the below:


The phone is wet.

The bad man has gone away now.


Does that help make the ending any clearer for you guys?!

I think I’ll chalk this one up to a wee learning experience, I don’t think I did particularly well here 😛

Well played Michelle, well played…!


Worse: I have no inspiration in the comments of the sticky post for tomorrow!  Help me out, dear reader who has not played my latest lil game yet, please!


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