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Hello 🙂

Katie was in control again today (I love that I have repeat contributors!  Do feel free to jump in if you’re new to giving me material, however.  Then become one of my regulars…)

I was to have a title of Tomorrow, my character was to be “a sailor (male) with a broken boat” and he was to appear in a poem.

I wrote while our boys were at their educational establishment(s):




It’s a slow seep

Around my feet

A listing barely felt;


In open sea

Just life, and me:

Resolve begins to melt.

picture of beaten up boat

The dip of oars

The pelt that pours

A rhythm set off kilter;


A madd’ning wait:

The lap of fate

My universe’s filter.


To row for shore,

Or bail once more

Is all the choice I have;


Upend this boat

And pray I’ll float –

Through oceans carve a path?


My pretty wife!

Long fought-for life!

In thoughts, while fins skirt ‘round;


Strong, steady hands

This catch will land –

Lay, choking, on dry ground…


Not often that I do a rhyming one these days, thanks for the ideas Katie!!

I urgently need some more suggestions on this Facebook post, please!  Gotta keep my random wheels nicely oiled…

See you tomorrow 🙂


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3 Responses to “Tomorrow”

  1. Jane Wright Says:

    Liked this very much, though I was a bit startled at the end!

  2. Montaffera Says:

    Katie’s brief specified ‘male’, so I had to tie it in 😉

  3. Montaffera Says:

    Also he is rescued but it is not a straightforward blessing – he is gasping for air as he has got used to the water/needs to muster the energy to carry on when he thought all was lost…

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