The Battle Of The Realms

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How do?

Sandy decided to start off this new challenge of mine with a genre twist.  I do not usually dabble in epic tales of scarred heroes and worlds that are different to our own, but I have been known to read a few such tomes 😉

Sandy asked me to call this piece The Battle Of The Realms, gave me a character brief of: “The warrior didn’t have the strength to lift his sword” and plumped for a story instead of a poem.

I jumped straight onto my dragon, set 20 minutes on my phone’s timer, and wrote the below:


I could see him tiring, each thrust of his sword with less determination than the last.  I wished I could help him, but I was too mired in Pineators and deadly blades of my own.

The sky was lightening, showing me the true ugliness of our foes and the thirst for vengeance in their eyes.  I knew we would have heavy losses, but I had always hoped we would keep our king.  His daughter was valiantly commanding her army to his left, and would probably not be aware of his passing until the soulgem on her belt flashed out in mourning.

It felt cruel to watch a great warrior fall at what promised to be a beautiful sunrise.

Just as it appeared that Janyar could no longer muster the strength to lift his blade, there was a long, low howl from the Vagar beasts.  I looked up and around us, as did my adversaries, and witnessed a truly terrifying sight.  Pineators and our friends alike started dropping their weapons and making for the trees.   Great black wings seemed to obscure the reds and oranges of daybreak, and pitch us back into the gloom.

Janyar alone stood firm and noble (for I myself was also on my way to shelter).  I felt sickened that he had chosen to be felled by the Revoltees – at least Pineators had a loose code of honour.

Janyar waited until the leading Revoltee was in range, and then inexplicably jumped on its mighty back without trying to injure it.  The huge winged creature swept up into the sky, and was soon too far out to see from my lofty perch.

Whatever could be Janyar’s plan…?


Pic of 'Rainbow Warriors'

Eldest’s warrior is on the left (I think he’s a Pineator?), Youngest’s on the right. Both have rainbows, and Youngest says that his has a funny hat on. With arms.

In my head: the speaker is fighting ‘Pine-a-tors’, the beasts that howl are pronounced ‘Vay-gar’ and the huge winged beasts have the last two bits of their name said separately, the very last with emphasis, so they don’t sound like some yucky sweet (‘revolty’) but more like an actual breed ‘Rev-ol-tee’.  Of course, my head is a rather weird place.

I really enjoyed writing the above, and Eldest was a bit annoyed over dinner that I didn’t actually know what Janyar’s plan was, and that I wasn’t going to sit down and write the rest.  He and Youngest decided that they would provide me with artwork to go with my writing, as they were pretty sure I wouldn’t find a suitable fit on Pixabay.  I love what they came up with!!

Thanks for all the inspiration, Sandy!!

Tomorrow is Katie’s turn to guide my writing, but I have nothing as yet for the rest of the week. Feel free to come and change that, by adding your ideas to this post.  I am really excited to see which direction you send me in!!






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