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Hey there, you 🙂

Michelle gave me another fab phrase to use at the end of my Facebook Fiction piece today:

“It hurt, harder than anything they had experienced in their lifetime together”

A few strains of the same idea came into my head, and I wasn’t entirely sure which way to go, but I just got writing and it figured itself out with about 80 seconds to spare 😉


…We watched them come,

Their assembly of destruction.


Still in their dark clothes,

A little drunk on afternoon wine,

They plotted against us.


We hid behind the tree

Still etched

With our love hearts and initials;

Trying to catch their words on the breeze.

 house pixabay

They sat upon our couches,

Made tea from our packets,

Used spoons gifted

From people long gone.


Discussed us at length.

Missed us, they said.

Memories were scattered among them

Like the proverbial pearls.


We held each other’s hands and

Floated near the stairwell;

Intangibly intelligent,

Feeling paler than we were.


For weeks it was the same:

We awoke to their presence,

Felt new stabs of betrayal

As their plans emerged.


Then one day there was nothing

But the roar of machinery –

The raining splinters of history…


Q6: Why did the ghosts feel that by knocking down the family home their children had betrayed them?

I rolled my eyes at the question, still wiping a tear from my cheek, and wrote:

It hurt, harder than anything they had experienced in their lifetime together…


It was only a 166 word write today, but I am very happy with what I achieved.  I have been missing my poetry after writing so much of it over the last year. I’ve scribbled down lines to myself here and there over the last week outside of these Facebook phrase challenges, and it is sometimes hard to think in non-lyrical words instead!

If you look at the messy pages I posted up on Facebook straight after constructing today’s piece, you will see that I wrote the first part as prose.  I actually had no plan to go with the format that I did, but I could see the garden outside of a large house, and the sun shining on a small procession of sad people trudging up the drive, and a wee narrative began that I had to write down.

I came out of my reverie with about 5 mins to go, and realised what I had written so far was not going to fit the third person ending!  I didn’t want to tweak words, so I frantically thought of a way to bring in an omniscient being…and conjured up the exam scenario in the nick of time 😉

Thanks again to Michelle for the inspiration!!

Tomorrow will be Laura’s turn, and may be the last of this round of challenges…unless I get more phrases in the comments of this Facebook post by the end of tomorrow (3rd of November 2017).

Never fear though, there will be more creative shenanigans dreamed up, if this challenge is truly over…!

See you tomorrow 🙂


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  1. Jane Wright Says:

    Very neat, clever ending.

  2. Montaffera Says:

    Thanks 😊 x

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